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Frequently Asked Questions


What types of financial transactions does DEFTCO do?

DEFTCO can arrange virtually any loan, for any purpose, for which there is an established ability to repay. DEFTCO finances manufacturing, medical, dental, office equipment, office furniture, rolling stock, construction equipment, real estate, etc. Our team of experts will help turn your business goals into reality.


Does DEFTCO use it’s own capital to fund transactions?

Based on a comprehensive understanding of each clients business goals. DEFTCO custom tailors each transaction to facilitate maximum growth and stability.


What kind of approval ratio can I expect from DEFTCO?

Because DEFTCO can use it’s own funds, the approval rate is very high.


What financial formula does DEFTCO use?

DEFTCO works with people and businesses, not ratio’s and statistics. Loans are approved on an individual basis.

When does funding occur?

When all documentation has been received and processed.

How long is a standard repayment term?

Standard terms are from 12 to 120 months, but DEFTCO loans are custom tailored to meet individual client needs.


Will I be more successful if I use Deftco as my financing specialist?