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DEFTCO Develops Relationships - We work with people and businesses, not ratio’s and statistics. By developing a comprehensive understanding of your business goals and challenges, we are able to meet your financial needs.


DEFTCO is Fast - Our DEFTCO Rapid Response program enables qualified customers to receive a decision on transactions under $75,000 in less than a few hours.


DEFTCO is Experienced - We provide you with expertise and professionalism and are committed to becoming a trusted financial partner and money source.


DEFTCO Believes - That luck, ethics, good business standards, reputation, and success in business are earned not given. DEFTCO is committed to the success of all businesses; new, emerging, or established. DEFTCO's success is defined by our clients success.



Leasing frees up capital. With a business lease, you pay for equipment over time, as you use it. You can lease major purchases such as office equipment, machine tools, medical equipment, computers and software and more - all capital investments that would otherwise require cash outlays or credit depletion. Leasing has been a major contributor to the continued growth of Western businesses. Here are a few more reasons why leasing will benefit your business:


  • Improves Cash Flow - DEFTCO offers your business more attractive payment schedules than any conventional banks.


  • Tax Advantages - DEFTCO leases are 100% tax deductible.


  • Preserves Existing Lines of Credit - A DEFTCO lease has no effect on short-term borrowing.


  • Conserves Working Capital - No big cash outlays and minimal down payments allow your business to retain capital for buying inventory, paying salaries and other business operations costs.


  • Acquires the Equipment You Need - Both new and used equipment qualify for DEFTCO leasing.


  • Delivers Profits and Growth - Leasing lets you put your equipment in action immediately generating revenues with minimum budgetary impact.


  • Meets Your Financial Needs - DEFTCO’s leasing group custom tailors equipment leases up to $100m to meet our customer’s individual needs. DEFTCO leases can even be designed around seasonal drops in business.


  • Empowers Your Business - Because of DEFTCO’s financial abilities DEFTCO can offer equipment leasing to start-up companies and emerging businesses that would not qualify for conventional financing.